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5 Ways to Make Money Using Digital Marketing

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

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So Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Making You Money?

Every business in the digital world is on social media. As we all know, social media is not only time consuming, but competitive and ever changing. Read below to learn how to increase revenue through social media and drive traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the major ways that social media entrepreneurs are making money in 2021, is through affiliate links. Affiliate marketing, specifically through links, generates revenue by essentially paying a commission on all sales you generate. For example, if you share an Amazon affiliate link on your Instagram page and someone uses that link to buy something, you get paid!

One way to do this is by posting a review on social media or your blog and share what you did or didn’t like. Be honest with your audience so they are more likely to trust you and go to you for advice in the future.

This can be done for any industry. You should do research for your niche to see what is trending and what is offered. One popular program is the Amazon Associates program.

Another great resource for this is ClickBank.

Important Note: The Federal Trade Commission requires disclosures of all ads — this includes sponsored posts, affiliate links, or promotion of free swag. Before you start posting affiliate links, be sure to review all the applicable regulations.

Create Downloadable Content/Courses

Other great sources of revenue from digital marketing and social media, are downloadable content and ecourses. With everything going on in the world, school and education is almost purely online.

Create and share content about things you are knowledgeable and passionate about! There are never “too many” online courses; there is always someone with something valuable to share.

One thing to keep in mind if you are going to make digital content, is to make it purely educational.

How to promote your courses and downloads?

One great way to reach a bigger audience with your content is Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace. Join Facebook groups related to your niche and offer your expertise there. Be sure to read the group guidelines before posting promotional materials.

Another way to promote training is on Pinterest and link it to your website. Pinterest can drive traffic to your site and to your ecommerce store. You can direct users to sign up for your newsletter and grow your email list as well!

Here is the Pinterest board we created just for you on how to create an online course or ebook. Don’t forget to hit follow for more!

Promote Trainings Or Coaching Over Social Media (this could be paid or for free)

Training, courses, books, coaching — all things that are similar when it comes to learning. You could use your platform to do coaching calls and consulting. If you do it for free and someone likes you, you can charge in the future and gain a customer. If you decide to charge right away, more power to you!

Pro Tip: Post your training on Youtube and make them into podcasts as well! This is a great way to recycle your content and reach a bigger audience.

Here is an article more about consulting business models.

Sell Your Photos To Stock Photo Companies

Are you already taking great photos?

Another source of income to explore for photography is selling your photos to an online platform such as Unsplash or Pexels.

You could also share your photos, pose ideas, behind the scenes, and flatlays on Pinterest to generate more traffic to your site, and hopefully gain more clients!

Use Hashtags (Drive Traffic and Gain Followers)

Hashtags can make it easier for people to find your brand, your service, or your product. In order to do this, you have to know who you want to attract, also known as your buyer persona.

First decide how you want your brand to be positioned. Then start brainstorming!

What hashtags should you include? (We will use Infuze as an example.) Infuze is a local, small business, woman-owned, — marketing company located in Sacramento, CA.

Including hashtags for your location:



These are just some ideas on how you can diversify your hashtags!

Hopefully this gave you a better idea of some ways to make money online, drive traffic, and increase revenue.

Comment below — What is one way you have made money online or through social media?



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