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More Than Marketers

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Our Story

Infuze was founded as a full service marketing and business strategy company in 2007 with a calling to move past the standard, old, formulaic “snoredom” of agency yester-years. Since then, we’ve honed this craft we love by taking what seems convoluted or complicated and making it clear, efficient, and authentic.

While our ability to adapt to a changing world with ever evolving methods, tactics and technologies has allowed us to become a leader in client solutions, we’ve also managed to build a team of incredibly nice, terribly cool and 110% committed people who have a ridiculous amount of expertise in multiple facets of marketing and business.

We offer “uncommon” marketing services. From branding to digital to operational solutions to market strategies, our team of experts provides comprehensive thoughtful solutions that cover every aspect of your business needs. 

We recognize that we are a “different” kind of partnership. And we’re good with that. In fact, we prefer it…because it’s never about us anyway.

Take a look at our giving back page to learn how we support our communities and local organizations.


Our Team

Fearless founder filled with faith...committed to growth and wisdom. Always caffeinated.


Stacey Divine


Fiercely loyal to faith, family & friends...believer in the power of a good lipstick!!!


Sylvia Sategna


Book-loving introvert striving for balance.


Allison Hurd

Senior Graphic Designer

Protector of people, processes, and plans.


Cory Jenkins

Director of Marketing Operations

In my ✨mom✨ era.

Casandra Woods Marketing Account Manager

Casandra Woods

Marketing Account Manager

Animal lover that likes to climb rocks and wear crocs (but not at the same time).


Sandy Stolz

Marketing Account Manager

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1013 Galleria Blvd, Suite 270

Roseville, CA 95678

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