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Elements That Contribute To Viral Videos

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Professional camera.

With social media growing rapidly, videos are the next popular feature. Between Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Youtube, businesses have a major advantage to communicate their message through the hottest media outlet available with minimal production or labor costs.

We did a little research and uncovered 10 points that will help your videos have greater impact and viewership:


Incorporating emotion is important, whether you are telling a story or just using facial expressions. People want to see that you are real, including seeing facial expressions, so sharing emotion is key. Which leads into our next point…


While social media has developed into user’s highlights, videos bring a digital sense of authenticity back to social media. Why is this important? Because authenticity has been noted as one of the top 5 components consumers look for when considering a purchase.


It’s been said that the most successful advertising incorporates kids, dogs and/or humor. But to use humor just to use humor…doesn’t work. It has to be authentic humor…real (see points 1 and 2 for logic here).


Transitions can make or break a video. It helps determine the flow or in some cases, the non-flow. A great tool for this is InShot, which is a video app you can download on your phone.

Surprise Factor

Wow! Surprise! AWE! We love a shock ending or twist we didn’t expect.

Popular Hashtags

Research your hashtags…they can make or break you. They not only expand your reach but also cause people to search easier to get to your page. Make sure they are relevant and don’t lead the viewer to something they do NOT want to see.


Learning has become fun again, because of video. Educate your audience in a simple and clear fashion and it will drive a greater following, especially if you (wait for it) use humor, wit, authenticity….you get where we are headed here.

Less is more

When first starting videos on any platform, it can be overwhelming. By taking the approach that less is more, your videos will surely be more successful. Note: videos that are easy to watch are easy to remember.


Consider adding captions as a way of making them interactive and user friendly. This will also help our friends that are hearing impaired.

Pops of color

Is it fun? Is it vibrant? Does it look cool? It has to be for Gen X, Y and Z to even pay attention to it. Color brings life to video and can create a vibe you may not have from the video content alone. But don’t overdo it. Just a “pop” means “accent”. Not an explosion of color.

Next time you watch a video, notice the things you like or dislike about it. Was it too long? Did it make you laugh? How was the music/audio? By starting to analyze elements of the media you consume, you will become a better digital media creator.

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