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Holiday Promotion Tactics to Increase Revenue and Reach

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

iPad screen showing a Christmas discount.

Ever ask a small business owner what their favorite time of year is?! There is a HIGH chance they will say the holidays. Is this because of work parties and holiday goodies? CLOSE, but NOPE! This is because small businesses bring in 20 to 40% of their annual revenue during the LAST TWO months of the year!

Incorporating them into your marketing plan will help you meet and exceed your revenue goals and increase your brand’s reach. Customers are willing to spend extra money this time of year but don’t know where to spend it. Putting your brand and the promotion in front of them through creative digital campaigns can make the difference between them buying your product vs. your competitors.

Unfortunately, many companies execute their holiday campaigns poorly and tend to simply add to the “holiday noise.” We are here to help you add to the end of year cheer and not to the holiday ad eye rolls.

Now is the time to quit dawdling and get festive (and strategic) because we have some merry marketing to do…

Here are 4 effective promotional tactics we recommend:

  1. Gift Card Deals — 80% of shoppers will buy gift cards this season, according to the National Retail Federation. On top of that, shoppers will spend an average of $172 on gift cards, and when recipients use the gift cards, they will likely spend 20% more than the gift card value.


  • Use incentives: offer 5% discount on the purchase of gift cards

  • Use a bonus: customer gets a $5 bonus card after purchasing $25 in gift cards

  1. Utilize Social Media Ads and Targeting — Social ad impressions are up 20% year over year, and 52% of all online brand discovery still happens in public social feeds.


  • Display campaign with retargeting on Google: It is simple… the user visits your site, leaves it, sees your ads, feels more and more drawn, and sooner or later makes a purchase.

  • Educational videos that explain your business differentiators

  • Posts highlighting sales, end-of-year deals, and anything else you’re offering

  • “Unboxing” content that allows people to see your products/business up close

  • Reviews praising your services, employees, and business

  • Use messaging, tone, and photography that is unique to your brand and your voice

  • Boost posts featuring winter related discounts

    • “Below freezing special! When the temp drops below 32, your drinks drop 32%”

  1. Gift Guides / Holiday Menu Guides — Many shoppers shuffle a variety of wish-lists and often get overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Gift guides help a customer in steering them in the right direction and inspiring them through a bundle of gift ideas and price point deals. Think about what kind of guide fits your business? What price point would work for your customers specifically?


  • 5 holiday appetizers under $10

  • 10 Hanukkah gifts for $100

  • 3 pajama sets mom will love for $50 or less

  • 5 gifts for your other half for under $75


  • Pick ten or less products. If you have more than ten, split them into a handful of gift guides. Simple and clear always wins.

  1. Give Back to Your Customers — There are endless ways to show your appreciation of your loyal customers. They appreciate knowing that they mean something to your business, and that you do not take their purchases for granted. When you support your customers, they support you back.


  • Email campaigns featuring a free gift, free guide, fun holiday event, or to simply say thank you for being a loyal customer

  • Run an Instagram holiday giveaway to give a little extra love to your customers (close to 20% of customers will buy a product after tuning into a giveaway campaign)

  • Create an added appeal by building holiday specific rewards or loyalty programs that run the length of the holiday season (this type of campaign is often enough to get lookers to stop in and/or choose you over a competitor)


  • When offering free content or guides, be sure to always list holiday deals, discounts, loyalty programs, and specials.

As a holiday gift from us, here are some suggested social media captions and/or email subject lines you can use anytime.

  • We Like You a Latke!

  • Hanukkah Deals to Make You Dizzy!

  • Gift ideas for all 8 nights inside

  • The best host gifts for your Hanukkah celebrations

  • Let’s start this year right. 10% off throughout January

  • The holidays may be over, but the savings aren’t!

  • Spread some cheer with us — open house sale!

  • Season’s Greetings and Holiday Savings!

  • Looking to get ahead of the holiday rush? Early sale starts now!

  • It’s snowing savings! See our top deals.

  • Gobble up these Thanksgiving specials!

  • We’re thankful for our customers: Coupon Inside!

  • Stuff yourself with savings

  • Gather ’round for savings!

  • Thanksgiving Schedule Changes & Weekend Specials

  • Savings to be thankful for — 8 deals you can’t miss.

  • Celebrate Small Biz Sat with us: BOGO sale

  • 5 Ways to Support Our Community This Small Biz Sat

  • It’s our 8th annual Small Biz Sat sale! Join us?

  • Walk off those leftovers: Small Biz Sat sidewalk sale

  • Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

  • 12 Days of Savings Starts today!




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